New Movie: The Legend Hunters《鬼吹灯之天星术》

By Tommy Williams

The fantasy novel series Ghost Blows Out the Light has given birth to the Mojin universe which contains several series and films. Well, it looks like we have our next installment planned out. Variety is reporting that Simon West will be co-directing The Legend Hunters with screenwriter Li Yifan. The film will star Zhang Hanyu, Celina Jade, and Jiang Wu and will be about tomb raiders raiding a tomb designed by master tomb raiders.

In a statement describing the film, West said:

“This film is definitely aimed at the Chinese audience. It isn’t necessarily one for the world, but I think it’s going to be a very sophisticated Chinese film. It seems there are the classic, great Chinese films that are beautifully made, very thoughtful and artistic, and then there are these new Chinese blockbusters that are very much like Hollywood summer blockbuster bubblegum movies. I think this one combines the two. It’s made like a beautiful classical Chinese film, but it has this action-adventure that the modern audience wants.”

Meanwhile, Saints Entertainment CEO Su Xiaochen said:

“To be honest, at first we weren’t really eager to take the project on. If you’re just shooting the same books again, they’ve already been shot to death. No one wants to see that any more. But then we found a good point of entry: This story is outside of the books. It’s a film about what happens to the same characters once they’re older. It’s a bit like ‘Logan.’”

There’s no word on when the film will be released, but it is currently filming.

Marvin Bouvet is performing on this film in a particular role.

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